Maid Costumes

What is it that makes a costume so sexy? Is a real French maid that sexy? The answer is…..

But where did it originate? And why does it drive men so crazy? This popular male fantasy originated from the taboo of being with your maid. He watched her clean his house, but she was off limits.

The French Maid outfit is classic and caters to that male fantasy. The little short black dress with white frilly apron sets any man’s heart afire. Today’s costumes are adorned with vinyl, mesh, chiffon and cotton.

Depending on how sexy you want to be will be determined by the length of your skirt and your shoes. And carry a little feather duster. It will add to the mystique.

Endless Fascination

From the maid in vinyl who is into bondage to the little frilly maid who is her master’s slave, the outfits are endless. There are two piece and one piece varieties to be worn with thigh highs or without, black stiletto heels and maybe even a little headpiece.

These costumes are not just for Halloween. They are a year round costume that women buy to seduce their men in the bedroom. There are teddies and lingerie for just that very purpose. But for those who like to role play, the official costume is a great choice.

One of the most provocative outfits is two pasties that look like tuxedo buttons and a white lacy apron over a thong with white high heels. Men go crazy for this look and simply cannot resist it. Boy oh boy do men go crazy over this outfit. Add a little spice to your evening!